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Good proofreading is done slowly. Proofreading is often confounded with editing. Check for good transition words following topic sentence. If the author decided to proofread its own paper, setting distance from the writing helps to identify mistakes easier later. Meanwhile, go for a run, take a trip to the beach or simply take a rest. ). Proofread with Chrome add-on to check for common errors. Most companies have style standards for external documents. Proofread your friends’ stuff (e.g., resumes, college essays) to get your feet wet. Having your computer read to you will help catch typos that you may skip over as you know the original intent of the sentence. If you're a beta reader, share the Notes and Highlights (your feedback) with the author. It can lead to confusion, but more importantly, it shows poor attention to detail to the most important people: the reader or subject of the business communication. Printing out your document lets you see the whole picture and you’ll do a better job as a result. Professionally Proofread, Edit, And Refine Your Document About: I will proofread, edit & provide minor writing revisions for documents up to 2000 words based on the package you choose. is intended can be embarrassing or even disastrous in business communication. A proper sentence must have a subject, a verb, and express a complete thought. In this case, seek a truly objective opinion and review. Including accept where except is intended can be embarrassing or even disastrous in business communication. Only once you’re satisfied with what you’ve written should you turn your attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Whenever possible, step away from the document before proofreading. Many editors find it easier to proofread with a physical document. Clients will expect you to have the right professional tools for the job and our Becoming A Proofreader course is a great way to ensure you can use the all of those tools properly. Microsoft’s Spelling and Grammar tool and Grammarly’s online editor are two handy tools to catch spelling, grammatical errors, and some syntax errors that your spellcheck may miss. I am open to custom orders, including orders with over 2000 words or that require less than a 1-day delivery, so please drop me a message to enquire! If you want to proofread better, maybe it’s best that you aren’t reading your own writing. Is your dream job to get paid to read books all day? Vigilance is key, so forget being creative – just focus your laser-like attention on catching slip ups. It’s advisable to set the manuscript aside between proofing and writing – ideally overnight. If you’re way, way too close to your document, proofing it yourself may not be a good idea. FlexJobs is Recommended Because: LEGITIMATE JOBS – They screen the job listings to make sure they are legitimate. Generally, the first mention of an acronym is spelled out completely with the acronym followed in brackets. The best way to proofread an essay is to first wait a day or two. Homonyms are a painful but important item to check. When I searched “proofread” there were 489 job results. Proofread the text at least twice. Sure, it can feel a bit weird at first, but hey, you’re in a room on your own, so who’s to hear? Specialized terminology or acronyms should be used sparingly, if at all, in business writing. How to Become an Online Proofreader and Get Paid to Proofread. I have many years experience, and will work hard to make sure your project is the best it can be. Fact checking these details will ensure the document is valuable and useful. In addition, accidental excess or repeat words are erroneous and can be missed prior to proofing. To be super-thorough, vocalise punctuation – ‘Since landing, comma, the aliens have made unreasonable demands, full stop, space’. Business writing is concise and direct. For teams and individuals. Once the entire document is proofread and finalized, make sure to …. Writing a staff’s, colleague’s, or client’s name incorrectly or completely wrong is simply disrespectful. Proofreading seems to be easy before you actually start doing it, and this challenging task requires you to have a lot of patience. While mixing up companies with company’s may not be disastrous, it is confusing and unprofessional. 15 Steps to Edit and Improve Your Resume Professionally Locate any SPAG errors. Grammarly is known by world best online grammar checker. It also highlights awkward sentences because it will sound more awkward out loud than on the page. The following list presents the strategies we recommend for better proofreading. You simply cannot proofread well if there are distractions. Below, I will discuss how to proofread in the most effective manner. Shhh! Being careful not to overstep into editing, review the text for superfluous words that do not add value to the text. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. 5. Apostrophes are often placed incorrectly. With the final edits in place, it’s now ready to be proofread. Triple checking the numbers is not an over-the-top habit. Hiring an editor to complete the proofreading phase can be a valuable investment. Some things in life are just plain wrong. Often a query will come up as you’re proofreading but giving in to curiosity there and then will see you lose your focus. Full Screen. If you have a talent for grammar and a keen eye for detail, a career as a proofreader might be just the right move for you. Here you will learn how to become better with grammarly proofreading In 5 minutes. It’s surprising how completely fresh eyes are able to notice the smallest errors in the written content! (Of course, you should offer to read for them, too.) Proof Communications Top 10 Business Awards To Enter In 2021, Why Van Halen refused brown M&Ms and you should too. Private School Application Essay Tips. An unfamiliar technical term should be explained in the text before being referenced. To get the most out of this course, you should already have a strong grasp of English grammar, spelling and punctuation. These seventeen strategies will improve your proofreading skills. Also, set aside time (e.g. Abandon your mobile, turn off your computer, lock yourself in a cupboard if you must, but for heaven’s sake make sure you’re somewhere quiet and brook no interruptions. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn over at Proofread Anywhere — how to become a proofreader for court reporters. Luckily, plenty of apps are available to help you clean up your work. Many native speakers can carry out online proofreading adequately. Mary founded Instructional Solutions in 1998, and is an internationally recognized business writing trainer and executive writing coach with two decades of experience helping thousands of individuals and businesses master the strategic skill of business writing. A good understanding of English spelling and grammar is essential to becoming a proofreader. Only once those major edits are complete can the document move to the proofreading stage. Proofreading is a skill that is learned, honed, and improved. Although the course covers some aspects of grammar, spelling and punctuation, it is not a comprehensive guide to the correct use of English. to have your document read to you. Reading aloud ensures that each word and punctuation mark is verified. Ask any writer, and they’ll all tell you that they’re least favourite part of writing is proofreading. Depending on your personal goals, proofreading can … on our blog. We offer a Proofreading Course with Grammar Review that hones the skills required to effectively proofread in a business environment. Conveniently, there are online programs that will help with this task. Is it ‘judgement’ or ‘judgment’? Proofread whether your thesis’ diagrams visible or not. Dates must be correct to the day of the month and the week. So, for the sake of your sanity, the checking of spacing, bullet list indentation, font size and hierarchy and style of headings can all happily wait until the end. If you proofread on screen, you’ll miss a great deal as you scroll from one page to another to compare spelling, formatting, heading hierarchies and so on. Let’s be clear on the purpose of proofreading – when we say proofread, we mean to fix typographical errors in our work. Times should be checked that they are correct, including the time zone. This article highlights our top strategies. Employees, colleagues, and clients rely on business communications for information and decisions. Mistakes in your writing make you look careless or clueless -- neither of which is good for your professional image. Ragan Insider Premium Content. How to proofread professionally? Review each sentence for proper structure and punctuation. Professionally Proofread And Edit Your Text About: I'm a professional editor with with almost fifteen years' experience working with authors and publishers. Have a love for reading. Basic tips for efficient proofreading your writing are as follows: Take your time to read it aloud as well as silently a couple of times to concentrate on different areas (logic, examples and illustrations, spelling, grammar, punctuation, unity and coherence, font size, missing and/or additional spaces etc. Learn more. I will professionally edit or proofread your book. It’s the final touches needed to ensure a business document is correct, consistent, and professional. Taking a course on proofing will help you master the process. You may have moved text around or needed to add in more info, which all affect layout. Well I have plenty! However, they become very frustrating or ignored if they are incorrect. Gilad began freelance proofreading to subsidize her acting career and has proofread over 1,200 books. So there’s a great chance you’ll find the type of proofreading job you’re looking for on FlexJobs. How To Proofread Your Content Professionally With Grammarly. And if you are a pro, these guidelines are essentials for your livelihood. Viewing the text with fresh eyes will make you a more accurate proofreader. Proofreaders' and Teachers' Correction Marks . Referring to a week at home as a ‘staycation’, and believing macramé will ever look good on your living room wall are both sure signs of going over to the dark side, for example. A misplaced decimal or zero in a budget line can be a grievous error. online editor are two handy tools to catch spelling, grammatical errors, and some syntax errors that your spellcheck may miss. Prepare a portfolio to show off your work. No one has time for that right? How to Proofread and Edit College Essays. You'll also need to be able to focus for long periods of time, and be attentive to details. SPAG is an acronym for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 1. Search for jobs related to How to proofread professionally or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. in Composition and Rhetoric from the University of New Hampshire. Proofreading on a Kindle is easy. Conveniently, there are online programs that will help with this task. After all, you’re only going over the content you’ve already written with the aim of criticising the mistakes that you’ve made. Shame on anyone for thinking a ‘quick read over’ will do. These details ensure consistency across an organization. Full Screen. Proofreading can seem like a simple task in business communication. I will proofread and edit your document and transform your text into clean, clear and compelling copy. Check for formatting consistency, order, and numbering of images, tables, and appendices, and the general presentation. Can we learn how to proofread professionally without going to school for it? Therefore, they need to be accurate. 1. For in-class writings, nothing compares to letting a friend with the same assignment read over your paper for you. 3. Make a list of anything that needs checking and do so at the end. These guidelines may range from font choice to preferred spellings to margin size and more. Is it ‘short term’ or ‘short-term’? There are definite ways to improve one’s proofreading. These methods strengthen your proofreading process and knowledge. Always double-space your documents. that hones the skills required to effectively proofread in a business environment. You’ll come to the work afresh if you leave it alone for a while. If that sounds like you, enrol in Proofread Like a Pro today! Use your computer’s text-to-voice function to have your document read to you. A new set of eyes may immediately spot errors that you've overlooked, but if you've followed the rest of these steps closely, your proofreader shouldn't find much at all. We’ll show you how to perfect documents at work or even proofread for a living. Publisher Proofreading. One pass of the document must be a high-level review. in English from the University of Rhode Island, an M.A. Your email address will not be published. In the proofreading process, click on each hyperlink, type in each web address, and dial each phone number included in the document to ensure they will correctly direct the reader. Restrict using passive voice not more than 30% of a thesis. Carve out the time to properly review and implement each of these strategies and your business communication will be accurate, valuable, and professional. Proofreading ensures the final content is free of linguistic and formatting errors. (Both are acceptable, by the way.) Finally. It’s been written, reviewed, compiled, and re-reviewed. We recommend taking a 24-hour break from the content before proofreading for maximum effectiveness. All existing courses can be customized for groups. Editing involves revisions of the document, often with major changes, to ensure alignment with goals, accuracy of information, or modification of tone. Like many other writing aptitudes, proofing can be developed through education. Website and phone numbers are very handy. Ok so you've written this book, but whose going to edit it? Proofreading means reading a text over and over again to spot the mistakes and errors. Yet, sentence fragments and run-on sentences can sneak into an otherwise great text. 20 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours) between each proofreading session. Proofreading is often confounded with editing. Always proofread in a quiet environment when you are not distracted. To get a good proofreading job you may first consider becoming a professional proofreader. Works like a charm. Numerical information is often the most critical and the easiest to mistype. Editing involves revisions of the document, often with major changes, to ensure alignment with goals, accuracy of information, or modification of tone. Apostrophes are almost never used for plurals, but somehow they often appear as such. However, a few proofreading tips and tricks up your sleeve might make it easier. Having your computer read to you will help catch typos that you may skip over as you know the original intent of the sentence. Currently, the IOS version and online versions of Word are not as comprehensive as the full version so you would not be able to proofread professionally unless you have the full version of Word. tcproofreading1. Use the Notes and Highlights feature on your Kindle, or in your Kindle app, to proofread the book. Technology is your friend when it comes to proofreading. I will professionally proofread 125 words of any text. Use a pen and jot down the changes on a paper copy. This is crucial when you are the document’s author. As students proofread their essays, it is often difficult to know exactly what they need to be correcting. Only once those major edits are complete can the document move to the proofreading stage. Proofreading can help you improve the readability and quality of your documents. Trying to proofread your paper from a computer screen is not the best technique. This overview checks the organization of the document to ensure it has proper flow and sequencing. If you want to know how to proofread like a professional, then check out our top 5 tips below! If you’re going to use the global find/replace function then take care as a change may not be appropriate in every instance. However, the attention to detail and intense focus it requires means that proofreading is as challenging as it is important. Before you dive in, be sure to sign up for the free 7-day introductory course to find out if it’s the right proofreading path for you. I give Good feedback for your future books/poems/ short stories and more! Becoming A Proofreader . Take a look at redundant phrases or words. You can check out our list of the top tools for tone, editing, and grammar (among others business writing needs!) Required fields are marked *. How Professionally To Proofread. You simply cannot proofread well if there are distractions. The good news, however, is that you will ‘hear’ the errors. You are too close to the content, making it difficult to have a clear, objective eye on the text. In a business scenario, publishing important documents without first conducting a thorough proofread is about as dark as it gets. There’s no doubt you can earn money proofreading with online proofreading jobs from home if you lay the right foundations. 20 tips to help you proofread like a pro. 5.0 (1) Full Screen. By Tina Koenig May 16, 2012. Take a break between writing and editing We mentioned this in our blog article 5 copywriting tips to beat the blank page, but it’s worth stating again: leave a break between writing and editing. Before You Proofread . Further, proofreading a book in a new environment can … Invite someone else to proofread your text after you have reviewed it. They will catch detectable errors. Proofreading Academy is the leader in teaching digital proofreading and editing skills. Ask someone you trust Case Study On Aging or pay a professional to proofread your text. on our blog. Excess words, like adjectives or adverbs, can detract from the message. clipto1111. Simply reading it normally allows your brain to fill in gaps and fix errors in your mind and skip them on the page. Ill give you professional and creative ways of thinking how to bring your book to the open. We've just launched our new Sales Writing Course! Know what to look for. Printing out your document lets you see the whole picture and you’ll do a better job as a result. Each number must be verified. Alternatively, asking a friend or colleague to proof your text can provide a fresh perspective. Your document is just about complete. Use these tools as a first scan. Whatever you write, Instructional Solutions teaches a proven process to synthesize and communicate complex information. How to Order: Choose the level of editing you require ; Purchase enough gigs to cover your word count; Attach a Word doc. After you have written your document, book or blog content, it's difficult to proofread and copy-edit your own work - that's where I can help. However, word choice and homonyms are often only found by the human eye. Simple, right? However, there are many tactics you can use to ensure this task is completed well and effectively. It’s designed to give you the skills to proofread professionally. Terms that are difficult for the reader should be removed and replaced with more accessible wording. If you proofread on screen, you’ll miss a great deal as you scroll from one page to another to compare spelling, formatting, heading hierarchies and so on. She holds a B.A. … A degree in English can be helpful, but is not required. About This Gig. Use your computer’s. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af4796abdfd5adbb8fa18fc904aa1bf5" );document.getElementById("caccadc57e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Whether it is the client name spelling, the sales division location, or the policy sheet, each detail must be correct. Proofreading includes reviewing for grammar, correct use of language, and format. She excels at designing customized business writing training programs to maximize productivity, advance business objectives, and convey complex information. Learn to Proofread Like a Professional Proofreading Academy teaches modern proofreading techniques for every style of document. About This Gig. Printing the document makes it easier to read and allows you to proofread in more places. Blissful silence will improve your proofreading no end. These tactics will help you catch the trickiest business communication errors. SHARE. When used appropriately for the reader, they still must be explained. Ensure the word choice is the correct one. (among others business writing needs!) You must have good vision. Whether you have been editing for years or are a newbie, the following tips can improve your skills. our list of the top tools for tone, editing, and grammar. To get get paid to proofread, you must: 1. When a word sounds right, the quick reader can mistake it for being correct. Then try landing an editorial job, one that involves polishing prose, at a smaller publication, publishing house or website. in English Literature from Boston College, and a C.A.G.S. You can alternate reading it forwards and backwards. Use these seven top tips to help you come back into the light. It is important to ensure that your writing is error free and professional. Ensure you have these guidelines close at hand while proofreading. You’ll save yourself a lot of bother and heartache if you check formatting as your final task. Trustpilot. There’s no point in proofreading until you’ve finished writing and editing. But if you are short on time, a couple of hours will suffice. There was a mix of remote and local, freelance and employee, part-time, full-time, and temporary proofreading jobs. Check for relevancy of paragraphs to the titles during proofreading. Make good use of your printer. 9 Need-to-Know Tips to Proofread Emails Like a Professional Reading Time: 3 minutes. It won’t.

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