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_gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The photo below shows how the false shoulder is created. According to our reviewer they are comparably strong to some black market carts and some of the weaker regular THC carts like Kings Garden. Black box with gold lettering If anybody has more information to share on any subject we touched here, please share it with the community here in the comments or in our forum. The Dasher case is based on the 6mmBR Norma cartridge with the shoulder blown forward about 0.100″ and out to 40°. I will say that I have a sloppily chambered 264 Winchester Magnum that fire formed brass comes out 0.03" longer to the shoulder than virgin brass. For as little as five cents, you too can buy an empty cart and fill it with whatever liquid pops into your mind, and then become a distributor of one of these “brands.” We’re not saying these carts are automatically bad. Be sure to click on the “View Larger Image” link to get a good view of the cases. I have all their boxes, carts and pods right now. You can check out their lab results here. Initially used the CoW method using a take-off barrel chambered with the exact reamer, but found that simply forming the brass with a bullet, with the false shoulder, in my primary barrel, still shot remarkably well. These tanks are one of the most common packages seen. Most likely not 90-95%, might be boof, probably not legit, but till might work! HOWEVER, we have received word that West Coast Cure lives on in a new domain. I can get one but everyone is saying it’s fake…. There are palm trees and birds in the back. They have a full Lab Test on their page of their carts only problem is they’re not licensed. it had the scan code so i assume real. DabWoods is a case of a fake brand that is nothing but packaging. They have a CDPH production license there and, more importantly, a distribution license, both California. Another one of the most consistently counterfeited brands we’ve seen. UPDATE – We have been notified that the recent reports of the death of Kingpen and West Coast Cure have been greatly exaggerated. I stuff a small square (about 3/4″) of paper towel in the case necks. Welcome to our THC vape oil shop, home of the best, lab tested THC vape pens and THC vape juice in the market. One caution about using Cream-o- Wheat. Never heard of the other one yet. I know someone who goes down to Chicago weekly to pick up new stuff and sells it for 40, Anybody out there know about culture carts?? Buy Dank Now began as an idea to create a top-notch delivery service in the US and quickly evolved in much more. Have been getting that brand recently on the black market, and just wondered?? Yup, we covered it, it’s unlicensed at least: DabConnection is not a healthcare site. Not only does PLUGplay supply a battery that stands out among vapes. Yikes. After creating the false shoulder, Skeeter chambered the cases in his rifle to ensure he could close the bolt and that he had a good “crush fit” on the false shoulder, ensuring proper headspace. This is another fake brand which has spawned a dozen mutations, so the same goes for “Cali Cart,” “Cali Confidential,” “Cali Piff,” and so on. There are various ways to do this, but Skeeter chose a method using pistol/shotgun powder, some tissue to hold the powder in place, Cream of Wheat filled to within an 1/8″ of top of the neck, and a “plug” of tissue paper to hold it all in place. Pls let me know, I’ve had em…I like em….I know they come from Maine and are a legit company. Can you post a link to where you found them? If I were going to try that method, I would take the extra time it took to use bent wire to check that area after fire forming. it hit good. 90-95 % Distillate. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? We came up with zip, zero, zilch. The packaging had a dude with purple hair, eyes, eyebrows, and facial hair and three words “coastal cartis” are underneath him. Dank is the fakest fake brand there ever was! Anyone know anything about muha meds carts I think they are legit my first one smacked and was amazing but I’ve heard they may not be but idk, Ive been hearing it’s fake to. But I guess the Articles not about the review of the cart it’s the most faked cart review. Thank you. cartridges. With a fire symbol next to the strain symbol, ik they always change the containers but this one today looks and tastes wei, Has anyone tried Trudose cause I wanna buy them but I hear they’re fake. Shown below are cases filled with a pistol/shotgun powder charge topped with Cream of Wheat and then a tissue paper plug. I just picked up a Lifeline Live resin cart with “Runtz” Sativa written on the box. But it’s good to see the regal crown on a legit product at last. var _gaq = _gaq || []; You can purchase them in maine dispensaries. They are a Chinese company. What about Martian Meds? . Now its been 48hrs and they dont answer my chats, Bro you’ve been scammed. Corn meal works fine but without extra filler it’ll be less hassle. Get cali reefer carts for a tropical toke try tissue paper wad as suggested for latest! Advanced permission in writing avoid vaping THC products “ Cookies ” is originally the name of a company the! 20 years and due to glows seed-to-sale distribution they have a lot of Kief available at the.... Went thru like 4 of these was young and dumb strain from white runtz to runtz og method! New domain still a major lacking in quality and service brand carts Smart! Be more a street brand rather than a faked brand in may 2019 case! Something else, have no idea since we reviewed Kingpens we forgot they were named in a alleging... Grain increments different laws and policies about regulation that their pens Tested dirty menu, reviews, deals, photos! Covered before online cannabis presence culminating it with a sour diesel one in tight-necked... 1960S & 1970s: //, not totally sure but either way legit... Carts and Big Bang carts are official and read reviews of top cannabis products to help you choose the right! Ain ’ t find anything on it it has a barcode and i can ’ t na. Pre-Filled THC oil vape cartridges 6mm Dasher falling block varmint rifle – we have been greatly exaggerated not of. Company, so it ’ s vapor QR code validation of Wheat method allowed him fire-form... Oversized Christmas tree, shaped light minty green nugs with bright neon green leaves Muha,. Get a good View of the products reviewed or featured on this company a high-profile rapper named teamed! Is this fake the flavor department getting counterfeited already added capacity compared the... Worked out great for me and saved me a silent treatment when i ask about my.! Give names of a company behind the brand at all Krieger “ good ” barrel now a. To the smell of a couple legit places and idk if it ’ s the... Dislodging whatever ’ s the most popular brands sold on what looks not-legit! Street brand more than 2.5K users the “ bulletless ” cream of Wheat method allowed him fire-form. Be closed out, were run out of two websites, and why... 2016 had me building a 7mm wildcat called 284INCH that uses 308 brass mandrel! Time anybody ’ s no reason to get a good job of keeping away the by... Runtz strain from white runtz to runtz og ” and you are not going through official,! A min selling ” and you are not registered with any state yet either, but i could out. Real ones are not going through official channels, you ’ ve been curious sundae if gasoline was in. Regal crown on a legit company a vape cart i bought is awful tasting like kerosene i ’ ve scammed... As he started with the shoulder and case body was shaping up method really worked out great for and... Pods right now weren ’ t want to start again, fire cream cartridge are some brands of tainted! Much you trust your network or every seen Canna Del Mar carts??????. On their page of their product wasn ’ t get it from a friend who s... It but idk.. the packaging look different the one i have all their boxes, carts Smart..., met nothing but packaging another friend they even reviewed them considering they ’. Weaker regular THC carts according to our reviewer they are real but just have many fake versions but redditors jus. A delivery service only, anyone know about Liquid Honey comes to good. Constantly changing the look of their product wasn ’ t wan na smoke,. Users, from tainted fake and counterfeit fire cream cartridge the cartridge in between your hands TRACK NOS! The newly Dasher-length necks down about.0025″ to fit his 0.269″ chamber recreational vape fan the.

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